The Duo Resonances – Frédérique LUZY & Pierre BIBAULT – is a French Guitar Duo based in Paris, which has won multiple Prizes in International Competitions: Olsztyn – Poland (2010), Bellan Foundation – Paris (2011), Luigi Mozzani – Italy (2011) and a 1st Prize at the International Chamber Music Competition in Montalto – Italy (2011)..

The two musicians perform on many international stages – USA, Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Ukraine, United Kingdom – including prestigious venues such as the St George’s Bloomsbury Church in London, Philharmonic Halls in Lviv and Khmelnitskie, the Vinnitsa Museum (Ukraine), the Cathedral and the Museum for Contemporary Arts in Liege, the Tyska Kyrkan in Stockholm, the Bon-Pasteur Chapel in Quebec, or Flagey, former House of the National Radio of Belgium in Brussels.
The duo has performed for numerous Festivals and shared the bill with world-renowned artists such as Odaïr ASSAD, Anne Sofie von OTTER, the Itinéraire Ensemble, and played for the Quebec TV or Radio 4, the Dutch National Classic Radio.

Solicited by contemporary composers, Frédérique LUZY and Pierre BIBAULT are specifically intended to enrich the repertoire for two guitars by moving towards the creation of new works. Their original and unpublished transcriptions are also included on their program: Enrique GRANADOS, Domenico SCARLATTI, Johann Sebastian BACH, Alberto GINASTERA.
Their curiosity leads them to work with the other arts (poetry, photography, dance, film) in innovative projects taking their music beyond the concert halls.
This richness and openness are worth the Duo Resonances to be recognized by the Department of Cultural Diffusion of the Ministry of French Community of Belgium, as part of Art and Life Tours.

In February 2014, the Duo Resonances has released its first CD – Granados, Piazzolla, Scarlatti, Ginastera, Mompou – under the Label Calliope Records. The CD has been on top of New Release by iTunes and is widely acclaimed: “A lively and inspired interpretation (…) taken the upper limit of what’s possible” Guitare Classique Magazine #63 ; “The excellent playing, great repertoire, and spectacular recording quality make this a first-rate album.” This Is Classical Guitar ; “Musicality, virtuosity, originality in the choice of repertoire, and above all the great artistic complicity that unites them” Philippe CATHE (Paris-Sorbonne University) ; “A delightful CD, an impeccable ensemble in which the two instruments sound as one.” Deborah SCHWARTZ-KATES (Miami University).

Frédérique LUZY and Pierre BIBAULT both teach in French Conservatories and are regularly invited to give Masterclasses for Universities, or International Music Academies and Festivals (USA, Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, Ukraine).

They have won numerous awards in the best classes of European Conservatories (Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, Conservatoire Royal de Liège Hogeschool Zuyd – Conservatorium Maastricht) and studied with the greatest masters among whom Odaïr ASSAD, Aniello DESIDERIO, Zoran DUKIC, Marcin DYLLA, Pablo MARQUEZ, the Duo MELIS – Susana PRIETO and Alexis MUZURAKIS, Judicaël PERROY, Alberto PONCE, Stephan SCHMIDT and Pavel STEIDL, and great chamber music performers such as François DEPPE, Ville HILTULA and Christophe SIMONET.

The two musicians perform on Australian guitars made by the luthier Jim REDGATE, use KARURA flight-cases and PYRAMID Strings.

About the Duo Resonances: “They are incredibly high talented guitar-players, not only as regards the technical aspects – they are both extremely skilled – but, much more, as regards the musical side. Their musicality and their creativity make them for sure an outstanding guitar-duo.” Carlo MARCHIONE

Update: March 2014