They talked about the Duo Resonances:

Phrasing feeling, precision of the placement and excellent balance between the two guitars (…) Ginastera and its explosive final (…) Mompou with its expressive timbre changes, (…), we appreciate the ensemble, especially the passion and commitment of a Piazzolla’s Tango Suite taken the upper limit of what’s possible. A lively and inspired interpretation.
Guitare Classique – # 63, December 2013 – February 2014

The concert given by Frédérique Luzy and Pierre Bibault was simply wonderful
Sud-Ouest, France, August 1st 2013

Musicality and originality are at the heart of this exceptionnal duo
Sud-Ouest, France, July 23rd 2013

With technical brilliance, empathetic musicianship and obvious warm interaction, they handle their instruments both with tender and drama
NYA Wermlands-Tidningen, Sweden, August 1st 2012

The performance of these two guitarists is unanimously welcomed by the public and professionals
La Provence, France, July 12th 2012

Two guitars in unison
La Provence, France, August 17th 2011

Their guitar is a universe of very touching lyrism and absorbing passion. The duet of Frédérique Luzy and Pierre Bibault is a real unison of two guitars sounding in a perfect harmony with each other
My City, Vynitsia, Ukraine, May 31st 2010

They are incredibly high talented guitar-players, not only as regards the technical aspects – they are both extremely skilled players – but, much more, as regards the musical side. Their musicality and their creativity make them for sure an outstanding guitar-duo
Carlo Marchione

Those musicians have a very high sensibility. Their playing both invested with a real sincerity and musical intelligence, is particularly marked by a warm and expressive tone
Hughes Kolp